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NotionInk Adam’s Demo Video

by editor on Dec.19, 2010, under News, NotionInk Adam

In the video,
- PixQi Display looks lot more like epaper,
- The UI is well done and fast, but not responsive at some points in time in the video.

Overall seems like an awesome product at version 1.0.

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Notionink sending confirmation for pre-orders

by editor on Dec.11, 2010, under News, NotionInk Adam

The NotionInk Adam is finally (almost) here!

If you haven’t yet got a confirmation email you should expect to get one soon.


Here’s the latest from NotionInk’s blog:

Notion Ink ships from China. We promised global pricing. That would mean no direct conversion of USD to Euros. That should apply on shipping rates as well. DHL shipping price from East Coast USA to West Coast USA for 2lb is $36. Notion Ink’s shipping rate is $50 flat for every country. Here is a reference for you all: Charge to Notion Ink for shipping to Russia is 1161 RMB which turns out to be $180! Now One Global Price would mean One global price. Europe has seen a lot of abuse when it comes to product pricing. We have tried to streamline this. (Do check the fuel surcharge, remote area service, address correction and other terms in the reference document.)

Global Warranty: Notion Ink’s warranty policy represents singularity. Unlike for other firms where cross border purchases or international purchases ensures that the warranty benefits are lost, we have proposed singular solution where irrespective of where you are and even if you migrate, policies remain same. This would be where the warranty does not extent to the most important part of the device which is battery. Notion Ink provides 180 days for batteries.

MasterCard: Notion Ink has already applied for MasterCard and theirs is the longest process. Officially we were told that it will not take more than 2 weeks, but now they need 3 more weeks for the same. Visa and other integrations took us 3 days.

Transaction Issues: CCAvenue is a reputed firm here in India. Worlds biggest Transportation Firm, Indian Railways, is dependent on them, and handles millions of transactions a day. Users in USA are facing difficulty because their banks are detecting fraud (extremely weird) and the server timed out in most of the cases when users were re-directed to their payment page. Our personnels are on it and querying them to know the reason.
Return and Refund Policy: Lets look at this page for a moment: This is one of the better policies followed by any company, others are much worse. For Toshiba, the number of days are 10. Let’s take a look at this one: return policy of dell, restocking fees of upto 15% applicable. Upon receipt of your return, Dell will issue a credit or a refund of the purchase price paid, less shipping and handling and any applicable restocking fees subject to this policy.

In-depth video will be released on 18th December, and till then you can hold on continuing your purchases.

FCC: We shared the information that it is expected in early 20s. Even if it gets delayed, it will be in December, and this is specifically the reason why first Adam will only be shipped on 6th January.

Pixel Qi has already sold out and the 3G variants are the next. Even though the stats for purchases is extremely good, everybody at Notion Ink is dis-heartened and sad because of all the confusion that erupted because of Mr. Murphy.

The Pre-Order vs CES. We do realize the lack of ‘more’ videos and hands on demo or review by our fellow technical bloggers, and deeply respect those who want to wait for the same. CES is where we intended to demo, show everything and allow for review, else there is no point for a good CES event. Pre-order was essentially for those who wanted to pre-book before Adam go out of stock (which it has already started for some variants). But now reading your comments it feels extremely unfair on our part in not releasing videos, run through and other important thing you need to know.

Tech specs of the final product:


  • Thickness: ~14 mm
  • Width: 191 mm
  • Length: 269 mm
  • Weight: ~1.6 pounds

System on Chip

  • NVIDIA Tegra 250
  • Dual Core Cortex A-9


  • 1GB DDR2 RAM
  • 1GB SLC
  • 8+ GB Flash
  • Micro-SD Card support

Power & Battery

  • Universal Charger
  • 3 cell 24.6Whr battery

  • 10.1″ WSVGA (1024 x 600)
  • Optional Pixel Qi display:
    Transmissive, transflective,
    and reflective modes
  • Multi-touch
  • Matte finish
  • Anti glare coating
  • Scratch resistant
  • Finger print resistant


  • 3.2 MP Auto Focus Swivel


  • WLAN – 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • WWAN – 3G HSPA

  • Stereo loudspeakers
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Built in microphone

Input/Output Ports

  • USB 2.0 Host x 2
  • Mini USB
  • HDMI
  • Micro SD slot
  • SIM Card slot
  • DC connector


  • 3-Axis accelerometer
  • Ambient light sensor
  • GPS
  • Digital Compass

Bonus mystery feature ;)

Images of the Interface


The NotionInk Panel


NotionInk Mail


NotionInk Music Player


NotionInk Calculator

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Notion Ink Adam – A smart tablet with PixQi

by editor on Apr.17, 2010, under NotionInk Adam

NotionInk AdamWe have already seen a bunch of mockups on the Notion Ink Adam, the sleek android tablet developed in India has finally been announced for release!

The Notion Ink Adam tablet is based on the NVIDIA Tegra, T20 chipset supporting 1080p Full HD video playback. It has integrated WiFi, Bluetooth and UMTS/HSDPA and uses the Pixel Qi 3Q transflective display. It also has a 3-megapixel camera with a patented swivel action, so you can use the Adam for video calling. On the back there’s a trackpad used for navigating without leaving smudges on the display, similar to the motorola backflip. The tablet weighs 1.71lbs and would be available in 12.9mm and 11.6mm thick versions. It will use the regular Android UI (gesture support) and will be capable of running Flash.

The Notion Ink folks are fully aware that the Adam would need an enthusiastic developer community that needs to back the Adam with quality apps. Which is why they are planning a developer challenge that will have a $1 million prize money for the winner. Now, that is bound to attract some attention!

One of the features of the PixelQi display is that its easy on the eyes – the tablet can be used as an ebook reader as well, but we havent heard any announcements from NotionInk on starting their own ebook service, though they confirmed working with various content producers – including some big-name blogs – to “reinvent” magazines and newspapers.

Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan reckons the Adam will run for 2-3 times longer than the iPad, thanks to the Tegra chip and the low-power Pixel Qi display. Using Tegra 2 will last for around 16 hours of Full HD video with a standard 3-cell battery, and Rohan says that, because their display uses just 0.2W in its electrophoretic reflective mode, with that 3-cell battery you’ll potentially see up to a breathtaking 160 hours use.

The specs are awesome, but the only reason we think we might not see this device too soon is the fact that the team consists only of developers fresh out of college with no product experience, and a missing marketing team. Not to mention, there are no Android apps optimized for this screen size. Follow them on twitter:

The NotionInk tablet is expected to be available in Q4 2010 at

Update [September 25th]: NotionInk has updated its website to suggest their first factory release should be around October 6th. The updated blog describes the design for each of the components of the Adam tablet and wants to involve users to help them choose colours for the final hardware.

Update [Dec 3]: We are weeks away from the Notion Ink’s release. Follow us to get the latest on NotionInk!

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